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We appreciate that you are looking to join a one million meal campaign. As our founder who initiated this campaign is from the restaurant and catering industry and exactly understands the challenge faced and how Coronavirus has disrupted the whole restaurant and takeaway industry business and its effects on your staff. One of the objectives of initiating the One million meal campaign is also to support the fellow restaurant industry by offering some business regularly during this pandemic so we can fuel our frontline staff, keyworkers and vulnerable people regularly when they require it the most.

We have a dedicated team to assist you with details about the orders i.e location, date, time and number of meals along with contact details for the delivery. We also require your payment details and side effects of ivermectin in humans – where to buy ivermectin for humans. Your company invoice for each order so that we can send you the payment before the delivery. Any queries or questions send us an email at

 We require following from restaurants or catering company looking to join

  1.  In order to become a partner, we require your hygiene ranking to be minimum 4* and above and will Prioritise 5* ratings.
  2. We need your FSA link
    Please find your food hygiene ranking on
  3.  We require evidence of a hygiene rating minimum of 4 and above.
  4. We require the Combination of Diet requirement (veg or non-veg).
  5. We require you to specify ingredients and allergen Badges for each order.
  6. We require each restaurant partner to have a minimum level 2 hygiene training certificates for chefs so they are able to pack the meals in a safe way individually and ensure they are convenient for NHS staff to eat.
  7. We require you to be due diligent and strictly ensure health and hygiene Practices while cooking and packaging the meals.
  8. Does your Restaurant already have social media presence such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page?
  9. We require you to print our flyers and send them along with each Delivery.
We aim to support every restaurant through this campaign so it’s equally important for each restaurant partner that they should be able to create awareness of the one million meals campaign within their own network of friends and on their social media by making an announcement about joining the one million meal campaign. We strongly suggest that you should create your social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook if you do not have it already    
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Our Partners & Sponsors

We Aim to Feed the Following Hospitals & Counting:

Our team has put together a list of hospitals we plan on serving, we will keep updating the list.

Thank you for your contribution.